How to choose your subjects

How to choose your subjects

May 22, 2021 by Lucinda Botes

With the new subjects being introduced into schools you might like to pursue them. The question remains, which subjects should you choose and what do you need to think about before making your choice?

Know your capabilities

The world is filled with engineers but it also needs musicians, actors, business owners, and chefs. So if you are not doing well in Maths or Chemistry then don’t feel pressured into going down that route. On the other hand, if you are doing well and enjoy them, the world could always use another doctor or software developer.

Jot down your ideas

Grab a piece of paper (or a few) and write down what you like (and dislike) about your subjects. Try to avoid picking subjects because of something temporary, if you enjoy a class because you sit next to your friends then you might lose interest in a few years if they don’t end up taking that subject anymore. Also try not to let a bad teacher ruin a subject because you will get new ones eventually.

Ask around

It is important to understand what you can expect from your subjects in a couple of years. See if your school has a list of subjects you can choose from and talk to students who take subjects you are interested in. They can tell you why they chose it and if they would recommend it. Teachers who give subjects can be a great source of information if you want to get a head start with the work, they might be able to show you the type of work you can expect.

Look even further

One thing you always need to consider when choosing a subject is what you will do with it. It’s entirely possible that you don’t know what you plan to do after high school (and that’s fine) but you shouldn’t close any doors you might want to open later down the line. With that being said, you should have a rough idea about going to university, college, or even going straight into the working force. If you want to enter a specific field in industry, make sure your subjects are relevant to it. If you want to study further, make sure your subjects allow entry into the degree. As a challenge, find at least 3 different fields you would like to pursue and see which subjects they require.

Put it all together

Now put all the subjects you need (and enjoy) together to find your top five candidates. You might think to yourself, why five? Once you have your top five subjects it will be easier to see which three fit best. You also need to take into consideration that your chosen subjects must fit into the timetable set up by your school. If your choices start feeling like a mistake, don’t worry because the decision is not final and you can always talk to your school about changing subjects.